CORDON: ultimate solution in energy efficiency

Cordon Recovery offers a recovery boiler flue to their clients. Its a ecologic system that saves up to 50% fuel and reduces C02 emissions. Cordon Recovery is suitable for all types of boilers.

Cordon Recovery has developed an Energy recovery system that leverages the fumes and gases from the boiler.

To determine the efficiency of the recovery boliler Cordon Recovery has requested the collaboration of Tecnalia Asociation.

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Facilities in particular boilers , municipalities , schools , nursing homes, industry ...

Cordon Recovery System Advantages

We have developed the system Cordon pursuing continuous improvement in the energy field . Our product is able to reduce the environmental impact because it uses the heat produced by our traditional boiler minimizing CO2 emissions.

Committed to the environment. Our biggest challenge was to achieve a permanent solution that will solve the problems of energy consumption and applicable to companies, people and of course our greatest asset; the planet.

Thanks to energy recovery will get save on your energy bill up to 50% by reducing your fuel costs . Also you lengthen the life of your boiler.